WHY DO YOU SELL OUT? Unlike other restaurants, all of our food has to be cooked before anyone shows up.  We would rather sell out of meat, than have it left over.    This gives us constant fresh inventory.


ARE YOU TEXAS BBQ?  We are NOT Texas style and don't claim to be. We just do our own style...we took our knowledge of good southern BBQ and combined it with the cowboy cooking of California and New Mexico....we just invented our own stuff.

Many ask us if we do Texas style, Kansas City style, Memphis is just our own variation.  We use apple wood and other fruit wood. 


Where do you get your meat?  From Curly's Gourmet Ribs delivered fresh to our door multiple times every week.  Our meat is  corn fed, USDA prime & choice.  As a matter of fact everything is made from scratch every day.  Everything is from hands on owners who make sure the quality will be consistent.  Every bit of wisdom comes with age and we have plenty of that.